Reusable Silicone Cable Twist Ties Organizer Perfect for Cord Management, Electronics Wire Strips, Kitchen, Garden Rubber Wraps and Gear Zip Tie Straps (7 inches)


Meet our reusable silicone cable twist ties. Perfect for arranging cords, chargers, and a safer way to wrap, hang and organize nearly anything.

Great for food & kitchen use

Preserve the freshness of your food by sealing them with these colourful ties. Silicone ties have a soft rubber exterior making them easy to remove without having to pull too hard.

Suitable for all kinds of plastic bags, such as chips bags, bread bags, garbage bags, storage bags, etc.

“These are good quality ties that can be reused over and over again. I've used these newly purchased ties enough to know that they're the real thing and not some cheap imitation.”

LA, California

Cool bright colours for easy sorting and organizing

Perfect for cord management

Tidy up and keep your cables neat. Cable management is a breeze with these reusable colorful silicone cable ties. 

“Used these to string together 6+ hdmi, Ethernet and power cords, and then was able to secure them to a tiered tower. No more anxiety from the jumble of wires. Also, if they get dusty, they’re easy to clean.”

Searcy, AR